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Welcome to Exotic Bird Ranch II, your premier destination for hand-fed exotic birds. Owned by Carmen Cote and Dakota Angthius, our small family pet store is dedicated to providing a unique and personalized experience for bird enthusiasts.


Carmen Cote, a Texas native who relocated to Colorado in 2004, brings over 15 years of experience in exotic parrot breeding and bird education. She has actively contributed to the bird community and has worked closely with various bird species. As an owner of The Bird Rescue, a nonprofit parrot rehabilitation rescue based in Fort Collins, Carmen is deeply committed to the welfare of these beautiful creatures. Previously, she also owned The African Grey, a shop in Aurora, CO.


Dakota Angthius, originally from Michigan and a resident of Colorado since 2012, has always had a profound love for animals. Her journey into the world of birds began when she fell in love with her Macaw companion, Archie. Since then, Dakota has dedicated herself to the well-being and education of birds, as well as their rehabilitation and fostering. She possesses a strong passion for bird conservation and actively fights against deforestation, which threatens the natural habitats of numerous avian species. Together, Carmen and Dakota are thrilled to combine their expertise and open a brand new shop, bringing the joys of exotic birds and avian education to the people of Colorado.

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